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Real life

July 29, 2010 | Uncategorized

While chatting with a friend, the subject of favorite books came up–I know, big surprise– :lol: As I listened to her enthuse about the novels she rereads, I recognized the books and I wondered if somehow the contents had been sifted through some other dimension so that while the authors and titles were the same, we read entirely different books. The more I thought about, the more sense this explanation made.

The other dimension is the reader’s mind. None of us read the same book. Each of us brings her own set of filters and perception of reality to the pages. Successful authors are those who tap into the nearly universal threads of humanity. It follows that my enthusiasm for a particular book says more about me than the merit of the literary work.

I’d rather live in a world of absolute truth where everything make sense all the time. Since my real life is never like that, I adore escapist entertainment. This may be another secret of successful fiction. :blink:

What do you think, are there provable facts or is everything subject to perception?

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