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Six-pack Saturday

July 24, 2010 | Uncategorized

Six things you probably don’t you know about me, unless you’re psychic :ninja:

1) Current favorite soundtrack: From Paris With Love

2) I don’t know my left from my right

3) Working or play hard enough to really sweat makes me happy

4) Laying around watching kung fu movies also makes me happy

5) Yellow is my favorite color, sadly it makes me look like death warmed over

6) My favorite books have always been tragic romances that I want to rewrite so they have happy endings :wub:

Tell me something I don’t about you…

Posted by Evanne @ 4:00 am  

2 Responses to “Six-pack Saturday”

  1. Tamara Says:


    Have you heard this one? Put your hands in front of you, palms down. Stick out your thumbs. The hand that makes an L is the left one.

    Yellow only looks good on exotic brunettes. I love it too, and orange, tragically.


  2. Evanne Says:

    No, I’d never heard that, but I’m going to remember the L-shape tip. Thanks Tamara :wub:

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