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Six-pack Saturday

August 14, 2010 | Uncategorized

The real time thief around here is daily living. The hot list of daily offenders :ninja:

1) sleep, I can get by on seven hours, but I like eight or more :sleeping:

2) grooming, exercises, shower, dental hygiene, I always think these things just take a minute but reality is a lot more time. This natural beauty business is a lot of work. :lol:

3) food, shopping, prep, eating, and cleaning up after meal–all enjoyable but big time munchers

4) cleaning, laundry, tidying are endless time consumers

5) maintenance, things to oil, things to repair, batteries to replace, windows, roofs, caulking, painting–even the tools I use to accomplish the other jobs need to be cleaned, sharpened, or recharged. There’s always something that needs attention and time :angry:

6) yardwork, which is just like housework except there’s lots more of it

What steals your time?

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