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Teaser Tuesday

August 17, 2010 | Teaser Tuesday

Originally, I wanted to offer a free title to readers as a thank you to my fans because I :wub: fans and because I :heart: Scarlet I wanted her to have as many fans as possible.

Sadly, Amazon doesn’t allow individuals to offer a free title. Maybe they’re worried about flooding the market with poorly written works. My delete button works fine, so I don’t see this as a problem…

Cheap they allow. :ninja:

Since I just sold Scarlet’s story, worrying about releasing a prequel and marketing plans may sound like I’m getting ahead of myself.

Note: for those not interested in the inner workings of publishing, you may want to click on something more entertaining.

For me writing a first draft is slow going, next comes letting the story rest so I can gain enough distance to edit it effectively. This is followed by another cooling off period, a polishing pass, then a submission package is created and that’s polished. At last the story is ready for an editor’s tender eyes.

More time passes (months) while the overworked editors pour over future best sellers, promising drafts, and utter trash. Eventually Scarlet’s story makes it to the top of the incoming deluge. Barring crisis in the editor’s life and publisher problems, within another week or two I get an answer.

If the end result is a contract, then things can, and sometimes do, move very swiftly. Obviously, it would be advantageous to have the prequel out and available prior to main story’s release. Too bad I didn’t think of this wonderful promotion concept before writing, revising, and polishing A Taste of Scarlet.


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