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WIP Wednesday

August 18, 2010 | WIP Wednesday

Summer distracts me, the flowers need constant attention, if only by admiring the the rich pageantry of sensory delight in the garden. When I wander outside to water, or tackle a project, hours vanish with no awareness of time passing.

This is equally true of writing. Sometimes it is a struggle to start work, but once involved in the story I’m lost. While total immersion is delightful, and I count myself fortunate indeed to have work and play that absorb me so completely, too many hours at the keyboard or too many hours digging lead to problems.

To avoid muscle and eye strain, I’m trying a new schedule, writing in two hour blocks with outdoor excursions in between. Adjusting to a new routine is always a challenge, but I’m hoping this will make me more productive. :wub:

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