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Real life

September 2, 2010 | Uncategorized

A lack of discrimination is a constant problem for me. I want to grow thousands of different flowers. An endless stream of new releases tempts me to drop everything else and settle down to read. And every character who pops into my head arrives with a story of his own and I want to write them all.

The list of possibilities keeps expanding and freedom to choose doesn’t help a bit. Time races, on an implacable master, demanding some sort of priority system.

If I write three or four books a year–which keeps me real busy when the stories are novel length–the total output is still a scanty list of titles, especially when I compare it with the number of stories in my head.

What I do is balance the stories I want to tell with those you all want to read. I limit the number of installments in each series. This way we both get to enjoy exploring as many new worlds as I can handle. And I stick with love stories.

While I love writing science fiction, fantasy, mystery, thrillers, and now history, :dizzy: every story has a true romance for the two or three or more :devil: people involved. :wub:

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