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Real Life

September 9, 2010 | Uncategorized

When I first considered writing erotic romance as a career choice, I researched publishers, agents, professional associations, support groups and read a lot of romance, starting with award winners and reader’s favorites. I soon discovered several new-to-me authors I still read today.

Just in case you’ wondered, the runner up career was library sciences. Writing won.

The deciding factors were: lack of commute, flexible hours, dog comes to work, no dress code, and a burning desire to tell the stories in my head.

Working in my robe, with the dog for company, in the wee hours of the morning, or middle of the night, as the mood and inspiration conspire, plus a valid reason to listen to my imaginary friends equals dream job.

There’re just a few tiny barriers. About a million other people want this same job. Twenty percent of them are serious enough to actually write manuscripts and submit (I’m always amazed how many skip these vital steps). This industrious group is pared down again by harried and exhausted editors. The end result is very few of those who want to write actually become published.

New businesses and new technology race in, filling an unmet demand with e-publishing firms, fan-fiction sites, print-on-demand books, and digital releases direct from the author to the reader. A flood of new, inexpensive, and innovative literary work is now available.

Publisher’s guidelines and writing rules are out the virtual window. If you want to write, you can publish, selling remains a long shot.

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