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Six-pack Saturday

September 11, 2010 | Uncategorized

Six of authors blogging on Some Write It Hot you can learn more about all of them and the their stories on the group blog. But, I couldn’t resist a mini-intros :wub:

1) Ali Katz’s website (which she designed and maintains :wassat: ) is Passion In Spades when it comes to her writing, this says it well. When it comes to the woman, she’s much better behaved than her characters, amazingly kind, and easy going. Except on the subject of grammar. She carries a hatchet and isn’t afraid to wield it on hapless punctuation.

2) Amber Green’s booklist, and more can be found at her website: Shape Shifters In Lust her books are addictive don’t even start one unless you have time to finish. The woman is quick witted, funny, generous, and a total sucker for stray animals and many stray humans. She is a tad fussy about grammar too. I think she was an editor in a former life, and yet we’re friends. :shocked:

3) Ash Penn, is a charming Brit with a truly twisted imagination. I wrote her a fan letter after I read her debut novel, :kissing: Stray. You can check out her site, which has excellent free reads here.

4) Cherise Sinclair’s home on the web is here, she writes delicious erotic romance with incredibly sexy Doms and subs with more power than they realize. I should be writing her fan letters, but I’m too busy reading her stories.

5) DA Kentner maintains an entertaining blog here. One of the few male members of the ERA group, this brave man accepts critiques with panache and unstintingly offers amazingly tactful criticism that’s always on point. His debut story, Out Of The Closet is available September 13 from Noble Romance Publishing. He’s wonderful story teller. Reading his work is always a treat.

6) Debbie Vaughan’s website is Get Bit! gives a big hint to Debbie’s personality. She writes urban fantasy, but instead of dark and gritty she’s funny and quirky. A free short story, Query This is available on Some Write It Hot.

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