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Six-Pack Saturday

September 25, 2010 | Uncategorized

Six random benefits to having dogs:

1) Dogs make wonderful personal trainers, mine have taught me how to pass out treats, take them for runs, and a whole vocabulary of hand signals

2) Dogs keep their owners on schedule, mine are real vocal about walk time, dinner time, and play time

3) Dogs improve their owner’s social skills, just today Katie picked up a couple of real cute guys. They swore they were legal and good to go, but they looked to young to me, so I made her put them back. :angel:

4) Dogs keep their owners healthy. what with the running, the walking, the fetching, I’m in much better shape

5) Dogs keep you company, rain or shine they’re ready to go or stay as long as they’re with you

6) Dogs are the best friend a man or a woman could ever have, and who doesn’t want a best friend? :wub:

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