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Fan Girl Friday

October 22, 2010 | Fan Girl Friday

The other night, I turned on my Kindle and instantly saw the low battery message. The same message I’d ignored the night before. Thinking I’d read for a few minutes, half hour at the most, I clicked past the warning.

An hour or so latter, I sat down the e-reader to get a drink of water. When I returned the Kindle display a new battery critical message. No clicking past this one. So I dug out its cord and plugged in the device. Since there’s no convenient outlet where I prefer to read, I pulled out a paperback.

During the next half hour, wide awake now, I found my thumb pressing for the next page instead of turning.

An anxious feeling crept up my spine. Had I ruined my e-reader? Twice, I wandered down the hall to check on the charging Kindle and worry over the still glaring critical battery message. On the third trip, the Kindle tree was back. Thank the gods of small electronic devices. :lol:

Posted by Dangerouslysexy @ 4:00 am  

6 Responses to “Fan Girl Friday”

  1. Judith Leger Says:

    Yes indeed! Oh, lord, you would have been sick it wouldn’t have worked. Next time, love, CHARGE your battery!!

  2. Lora1967 Says:

    Im still waiting on the yellow truck can you tell me the status of it?
    can i change the address to send it to?
    Max Wiedenheft
    119 Purcell
    xenia,,ohio 45385
    itss ok if you havent fixed it i still standbeside my feedback but can you please send it?

  3. Evanne Says:

    Thanks, Judy, you’re a doll!

  4. Evanne Says:

    Uh Lora, haven’t seen your yellow truck…


  5. Danielle Says:

    I am stopping by for Follow Friday and the Blog Hop. I hope your weekend is going wonderfully.


  6. Evanne Says:

    Romance Book Junkies is a cool site! Thanks for stopping by my blog! :heart:

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