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Real life

October 21, 2010 | Uncategorized

A friend, working wife, mother, and student, mentioned wistfully she was hoping to get caught up with her home chores soon.

She’s way ahead of me. I don’t hope. Back in the day, I caught up with my chores once or twice, usually the result of a fit of temper or an unexpected block of time falling into my idle lap. I vaguely remember it as real satisfying feeling.

When writing is going well, or isn’t going well at all but still absorbs every second of my time, housework falls to the shockingly neglected standard of a lick and a promise.

By the way, I mean the lick part literally. Don’t lick anything at my place, unless you don’t mind swapping spit germs. Actually what I do is lick my thumb and then rub the offending spot with my thumb, like mothers do with a dirty kid’s face. Same difference on the disgusting meter.

And if I haven’t licked it, then the dog has. :lol:

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