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Fan Girl Friday

November 19, 2010 | Fan Girl Friday

SonRise is a full length novel KevaD had already written when I first met him. When he’s not humoring a friend by writing a short story just for her Kindle release, he’s revising the riveting SonRise.

SonSet a prequel to SonRise is included with the novella A Scarlet Pastl.

Here’s the blurb for SonSet: For a SonRise, there must be a SonSet.

In 1941, the souls of two Romanian farmers are stolen by war. On the streets of Odessa, Ukraine, innocence offers their return. But can the soldiers afford the price?

SonSet introduces Vezirov Kasmerkhov and Natoli Stanciu, two men bent on surviving the war, and the reasons behind their intense loathing of each other. Their hate will carry them to the fall of Sevastopol and a final confrontation from which only one will walk away in the forthcoming full-length novel, SonRise.

When I read KevaD’s work, I get chills–the good kind that tell me I’m in for a great read.

Learn more about KevaD at his blog

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