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Teaser Tuesday

November 16, 2010 | Teaser Tuesday

Excerpt from A Scarlet Past, releasing November 20th!

Vivian kept the grin teasing her lips to herself while she admired the rear view of the gorgeous Alpha’s backside. There was no law against staring or against enjoying the fleeting contact with his healing tongue. The male’s touch had been nothing more than an ordinary kindness one wolf would offer another. But his caresses heated needy portions of her that had nothing to do with kindness. Even now the memory rippled through her, spreading sensual pleasure sort of like a good belly scratching, but much more intimate.

As she’d guessed, he led her straight to where he’d left his clothes and a cane. When he shifted to human form, she stared, swallowing drool like a hungry pup waiting for a turn at a succulent roast. Thankfully, like most males he lacked any modesty and turned to face her as he shrugged into his trench coat.

Of course he wasn’t aroused. She swallowed a sigh. Males never were around her, except for the insane rogues. She kicked the shameful memory, from last year when her heat hit early, to the curb. A strong Alpha would pick up on her emotions and the last thing she wanted from him was pity.

Besides, she’d rather concentrate on enjoying the present moment and his fine body. The male was lavishly endowed. She swallowed a sigh of appreciation at his strong flanks, broad shoulders, unruly curls, and smoldering eyes. He was dreamboat handsome in both forms. Right now, her nose told her that those dreamy eyes smoldered in temper. Too bad it wasn’t lust heating his gaze.

“Why didn’t you shift?” He balled up his dress shirt and stuffed into a pocket.

A corner of her foolish heart couldn’t help wishing he’d been the one exceptional Alpha male, who could accept her dominance. Too much to hope for, she’d begun to fear the male of her dreams didn’t exist.

All that nakedness under his coat was simply too much temptation. She looked away from him. “What happened to the rest of your clothes?”

He folded his arms and widened his stance. “Shifted before I’d finished undressing. I’m still waiting for the answer to my question.”

His tone was mild, but laced with sheer Alpha power and she felt the thrilling compulsion to obey his demand clear to her shiny buffed toenails. Struggling against the urge to fall at his feet, she straightened her spine, adding an insignificant inch to her frame and reminded herself leadership wasn’t just about size. Good thing too, because she was way outclassed.

She kept her voice low, even, and tossed in plenty of her own Alpha bitch attitude. “When do you think I should have shifted? During the fight where I was outnumbered five to one? Keep in mind every single one of those rogues was big enough to snap me in half with one bite. I’m better off with my knife than taking them on using teeth and claws. In fact, if it weren’t for the noise drawing too much human attention, I’d use a gun.”

The male flinched, plainly appalled. “Pack law forbids the use of firearms within city limits. But, if you’re going to go that way, for Goddess sake use a silencer.”

His disapproval hurt. But she shook it off. When it came to protecting the pack, she couldn’t afford to be touchy. She did whatever it took to do the job. There were plenty of weapons and silver bullets at home. She’d try to track down a silencer.

She lifted her chin, holding his gaze. Let him keep his old fashioned standards, which were fine for him since he was a mountain of a werewolf, bigger than any of the crazy rogues. When it came to fighting the enemy, she couldn’t afford outdated niceties. She used every weapon she had. The knife was not a big deal. Luring the rogues with her sex appeal was much worse. Nicking them, drawing out the kills, and delivering the pain they craved ate her soul.

When she spoke, she kept her voice firm, and coolly reasonable. “The scratch was no big deal. Since I’m usually outnumbered, I need every advantage I can get in order to win. Or maybe, you think I could negotiate better with the vampires in wolf form?”

For few more moments, he kept up the glower, finally he grudgingly said, “Guess not. But tell me how in the hell you got mixed up with a hive of bloodsuckers.”

A sigh escaped her lips, part relief, part disappointment that he hadn’t tried to dominate her again. Silly of her, she didn’t have time for romance. Not with dangerous rogues flooding into the city in scary numbers.

“The vampires are as sane as you and I. They can’t help what they are anymore than we can. They need the blood and I need to dispose of the bodies. I think the arrangement with Lydia’s hive makes a lot of sense.”

“Where’s your pack?” The fierce demand was back in his voice, harder than ever.

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