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Fan Girl Friday

December 10, 2010 | Fan Girl Friday

Edge of Humanity is available on for your kindle from Amazon.

Here’s the author’s blurb: When someone you love leaves you to die, finding out why can be worse than death. From the moment Kara plunged from the airship to escape nine years of slavery, she’d been locked in battle with her own mind. Something inside of her doesn’t seem right. Confronted with too many unanswered questions, she wonders if her captors have damaged her in some unseen way. Seeking answers, Kara begins the journey of reuniting with the family she hasn’t seen since she was a child. Thankfully she isn’t alone on her quest… Hassrian, a young apprentice to a biomechanical magician, helps guide her down her path. Although Hassrian is reluctant to aid her at first, danger draws the two together. Only one thing can bring Kara’s hunt for the truth to an end – and it isn’t the looming presence of the airship, Husk.

A thought provoking and unusual blend of fantasy and steampunk gave me a too brief glimpse into a strange world populated by familiar and alien life forms. Though an imaginative storyline, I never connected with the first person narrator. I’ll be watching for the next release from this author.

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