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Six-pack Saturday

December 18, 2010 | Uncategorized

When I glance at the calendar and am horrified by the date, I examine where I’m spending my time, because there’s no way to expand my daily allowance of twenty-four precious hours. So where does all my time go? :unsure:

1) Sleeping I do it every night for hours. A total waste

2) Shopping, preparing, eating, and cleaning up afterward is another big time eater

3) Housework; I dust, vacuum, mop, and do laundry. More silly stuff, the same chores needs done again much too soon.

4) Working absorbs as many hours as I’m willing spend, but at least it’s fun. :lol:

5) Friends and family writing, calling, and visiting take uncounted happy hours :heart:

6) Education and entertainment soak up any spare moments :wub:

Where’s your time going?

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