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Teaser Tuesday

December 21, 2010 | Teaser Tuesday

The gracious women at Seduced by Books said nice things about A Scarlet Past . This is my favorite part:

Given that it was a prequel, I expected a quick set up. Lorraine promises erotic paranormal, and she definitely gives us that. This book has many great provocative sex scenes. Fergus and Vivian are hot together, two alphas hooking up, you can’t beat that.

Click here to read the rest of the review

Bitten by Paranormal Romance enjoyed the story too.

A good quick erotic read with some hot dominant werewolf D/S sex. I liked both characters and the relationship between them. You get quite a bit of action not only in bed but fighting.

The rest of the review is here

And Mad Momma Lou also said lovely things.

The plot in A Scarlet Past was not one I was expecting. The author wrote in a great wave of storytelling that had me snared in minutes. It was very well written and told with a web of violence and sultry romance. A web that I effortlessly got ensnared in. The relationship between the two main characters was steamy in an animalistic way; the words were very descriptive to say the least.

Her entire review is here

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