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January 20, 2011 | Uncategorized

Household repair and maintenance at chez Lorraine is an adventure. Anything more complicated than replacing a light bulb (and even that can be a challenge) is approached with trepidation. Jobs that seem straight forward usually aren’t. Last year the upstairs bathroom doorknob stopped locking. When I searched for a replacement, I wanted one just like the old one, but functioning.

Part of the fun of owing an old house is trying to match any part that needs replacing. I viewed an extraordinary number of doorknobs. I never found any to match the modest style that came with the house. Eventually, I found a model that appeared satisfactory. Reeling from sticker shock, I scurried off to the local hardware stores. Three stories later–I really don’t enjoy in-person shopping–I had a cheap doorknob.Hours later the new knob was successfully installed. It turned and locked.

Months passed, but the new doorknob never grew on me. It looked too brassy and it never felt right in my hand. I took up viewing on-line door knobs in those odd moments when the muse fell silent. The original sticker shock set was still available, but I surfed on and eventually ordered a reasonable (i.e. cheap) facsimile. Unfortunately they were back ordered and then back ordered some more. I canceled the order, received a refund, and succumbed to the original sticker shock doorknob.

After weeks of waiting the doorknob arrived. It was all that I wanted in a handle. A few hours and a couple of sore fingers later the nice doorknob has been installed. Now all I need is a modest windfall so I can upgrade the rest of the house’s doorknobs to match the new hardware standard. :wub:

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