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January 27, 2011 | Uncategorized

The off-leash dog park is Katie’s favorite destination. She’s made this very clear by her excitement whenever we head that direction. In fact, on those occasions I foolishly choose to drive to any other place she mopes. And no one mopes like a dog. She has the world’s saddest brown eyes. She heaves great shuddering sighs as if each painful breath might be her last. If the puppy dog eyes and poignant sighs fail to move me in the right direction, then a low whine begins.

Once at the park (was there any doubt?), the diva dog prances through the gate eager for the adventure. The first five minutes are spent in serious sniffing and marking of strategic spots clear only to those with a dog’s sense of smell. Happy exploration, marking, and making friends with every human she meets lasts until she encounters one, or more, aggressive dogs. Once a potential threat has been identified, she streaks for high ground, preferably with a barrier at her back, or better yet, the nearest exit. Eventually–she’s much faster on four legs than I am on two–I catch up with her and walk her past the threat. Then she continues with more subdued sniffing, marking, and cautious observance of approaching dogs.

The dogs she tolerates best are males with shiny coats, ambling gaits, and no need to bark at her. She’ll even play sniff and a cautious game of chase with these rare, calm, quiet, tail-wagging guys.

After one circuit of the grounds, she parks her butt in front of the gate we came in and waits impatiently for her leash to be snapped on before I open the exit. Next trip, we’ll do it all over again.

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