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Six-pack Saturday

January 29, 2011 | Uncategorized

Last Saturday I listed what’s great about writing erotic romance. Just in case you missed it you can find the list here

This week’s list is what’s not so great about writing erotic romance:

1) Working for myself (I’m not always reasonable) :angry:

2) No job security :blink:

3) No co-workers, just me, my imaginary friends, and the diva dog :unsure:

4) No paid benefit package :cwy:

5) Long production period–it takes me months to get through a first draft :blush:

6) Waiting to hear on a submission–yes once published the wait times decrease, but they’re still not exactly instant communication :sleeping:

Despite romance writing’s allure as a dream job, there are a few drawbacks, especially for someone who needs a regular paycheck. Of course, there are those who make a handsome living from writing. But it’s a pretty select club. :shocked:

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2 Responses to “Six-pack Saturday”

  1. DA Kentner Says:

    Talking to myself because I seem to be the only one who understands my incoherent mumbling.

    Talking to myself and telling myself to be quiet.

    Needing sleep, but my characters are wide awake.

    Being awake, but my characters are sound asleep.

    Having to acknowledge my hunky hero sees more action in one book than I ever did… and I hate him for it.

    Being jealous of my hunky hero.

    Two months into writing a book and realizing I don’t like the story.

    Writer’s Block. I’d prefer measles.

    Reading an Evanne Lorraine novel and feeling sooo inadequate.

  2. Evanne Says:

    You are a funny guy as all of your Out Of The Closet fans already know. :lol:

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