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WIP Wednesday

January 5, 2011 | WIP Wednesday

The beginning of a story for me is all about pre-writing. I start with a clean notebook, write character biographies, find images for POV characters, write GMC (goal, motivation, and conflict) statements, set up a page count spread sheet with columns for the three-fold (adventure, romance, and erotic) plot elements, format a manuscript doc, and then I write a synopsis.

I’m sure there are other writers do the same thing. Although the synopsis will be revised at least once, I write it anyway, because the story has to make sense to me before I can begin to put it on the virtual page and a synopsis is the best tool I have for creating that very abridged version of the erotic romance adventure.

Once all of that is in place I write linearly, from chapter one, scene one to the end. My pantser friends tell me that plotting and planning take all the joy out of creating, not for me. Each step of the process is challenging and fun. :heart:

Do you plan everything? Or do take life as it comes?

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