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WIP Wednesday

January 19, 2011 | WIP Wednesday

At the mid-point of the story, everything I originally planned has changed and the characters have grown so many layers that they bear no resemblance to the original cast. So it’s time to revamp the plot and maybe the synopsis too, because I need a road map and as many sign posts as possible to keep the adventure coherent.

Most of my writing friends aren’t plotters. What amazes me is that they seem relatively sane, except for the voices in their heads thing that all writers have. Frankly, I don’t know how they manage, because my mind feels like it’s on the edge of a total meltdown and I have a cheat sheet–uh plot. The document has been revised so many time that if it were on paper it would have holes and illegible bits, but it’s still better than stumbling around in the story world with no clue as to where I’m going. I think. :unsure:

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