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Real Life

February 24, 2011 | Uncategorized

Writers love ‘call’ stories, those accounts of an author’s first sale. Personally, underdog call stories, those authors who really struggled are my favorites. My all time favorite call story belongs to Anna Campbell . If you click on the link you can read about her journey to publication and a few other authors’ tales of finally achieving a dream.

By the way, Anna writes wonderful regency romances. Reading her books it’s hard to imagine agents and publishers weren’t battering down her door and demanding her manuscripts.

Once in awhile I read an newly published author’s account of how they sold the very first thing they penned. This may well be a sign of great brilliance on their part, but it’s a strike against them with me. I do not cheer for the favorite to win in a walk. Nope, never, unless the favorite had a suitably hard road to travel before becoming the favorite…. I’m thinking Cinderella here. :lol:

Are you like me, cheering for the underdog who had to strive for success, or do you bet on the pedigreed favorite?

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