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Real life

February 10, 2011 | Uncategorized

For those with severe tunnel vision, Valentines Day is this coming Monday. :blink:

Are you still searching for that one special gift to put the magic in your Valentines day? The answer might be as close as a peek into your lover’s secret dreams.

Take a look at the most popular fantasy lists (ranked from most popular to least).

For men:

1. Being sexually dominated

2. Role playing sex

3. Penetrating his partner anally

4. Receiving oral sex

5. Sex with a stranger

6. Sex with an older woman

7. Being penetrated anally

8. Spanking, bondage, etc.

9. Sex with two or more women

10. Group sex

For women:

1. Being forcefully seduced

2. Playing the male role, complete with a strap on dildo, which they put to good use

3. Being pleasured by two mean simultaneously

4. Getting paid for sex

5. Having sex with another woman while her man watches the action

6. Being dominated by her lover

7. Having an audience while engaging in sexual acts

8. Dominating their male partner

9. Group sex

10. Sex with a stranger

I actually combined a couple of different lists to come up with the males’ top ten, the Brits reported one set of fantasies, the Aussies another, and the US a third. There may be even wider cultural differences, but I don’t know enough of other languages to attempt that research.

Most interesting to me are the overlapping fantasies, sex with a stranger, group sex, being penetrated anally, and of course dominating your partner. The men’s and women’s list do have some crossover erotic wishes, but (surprise, surprise) they aren’t the same.The biggest difference between male and female sexual fantasies is that most women enjoy theirs as pure fantasy while men long for theirs to come true.

Feel free to combine and add fantasies of your own, but in real life please practice safe and consensual sex–it keeps everyone healthy.

There’s safe and convenient option of giving your lover a story built around their favorite fantasy. With the miracle of digital publishing you even have instant fulfillment. I’ve written a few of those. :heart:

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