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WIP Wednesday

February 2, 2011 | WIP Wednesday

No sooner am I really engrossed in the current project than Swampy (my contrary muse) rears his head and hisses about something really fun. I can count on it.

If I refuse to listen during the waking hours, he will haunt my dreams. The only way to get any peace (and a shot at finishing the manuscript of the moment) is to record Swampy’s latest crush in document form.

Swampy’s main job at this point should be solving those sticky little plot messes the characters have gotten me into, but he insists on talking new story. I’ve found I’m hours ahead of the game if I don’t pretend I’m in charge, and simply record whatever brilliant scheme he’s hatched, and then ask nicely if he’ll tell me how to kill a goblin.

Even though I’m polite, he wanders off in sulky silence and refuses to discuss goblins until I’m in the shower or walking the dog, or up to my elbows in some messy cleaning project. Then he’s suddenly eager to discuss goblin lore.

As if life weren’t hard enough with dominant Alpha males storming around in my head, I have to have a sullen muse. :angry:

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