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Fan Girl Friday

March 11, 2011 | Fan Girl Friday

I have favorite authors and favorite books and there’s no crossover between these two categories. This seems wrong somehow.

A favorite book–one that lives on and on in my head and that I may well reread every now and then–has all too often been the sole title by the author that I adored or even liked all that well. It is quite possible that I’ve judged the rest of their work too harshly, because I compare their other titles to the impossible standard of their greatest work.

While favorite authors appeal to me so consistently that I swear I’d be entertained reading their grocery lists. Some of them only write a couple of different stories. But I never grow tired of reading them even in their twentieth release of the same tale with slightly varied settings, plots, and characters.

For me it comes down to what I love is either the characters or the voice, but,so far, never both in the same book.

Am I strange (yes, I know but I meant about this :lol:)? Do your favorite authors write your favorite books?

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