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Fan Girl Friday

March 25, 2011 | Uncategorized

Finding a terrific, but unknown-to-me, author is always a thrill. If that author has a hefty backlist, then I’m in heaven.

Now that I write, I don’t read as much as I used to, so I can get by with a hundred or so good books a year. With a healthy library of keepers that I don’t mind rereading, the need for new titles is further trimmed. Still searching for my next great read remains one of my favorite indulgences.

Amazon and Kindle make sampling easy. But before I download a sample, I have to discover the title or the author. A clever cover can lure me close enough to read more. When an intriguing story catches my interest, I wandered off to the author’s site in search of excerpt. This happened recently and there was nothing there for me read. After several pointless clicks, I moused on over to the publisher’s website, thinking there I would surely find the teaser I wanted–nary an excerpt–not one.

I’m still thinking about this unexpected disappointment. Perhaps the author is a much bigger deal than I realized. After all many perennial best sellers have a glamor shot on their back cover in place of copy. Who needs blurbs when you’re a household name? But an e-publisher doing away with excerpts? I’m aghast. :shocked:

Do you read excerpts first or just click the buy button?

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