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Real life

March 3, 2011 | Uncategorized

In the winter months the diva dog enjoys much longer walks. Especially on those days when it’s too cold or too wet to work in the yard. As we explore the neighborhood on foot, I see details that I never noticed when driving past.

Hidden houses draw my interest like the sea calls to a sailor. A mysterious driveway that disappears between trees or a twelve foot evergreen hedge that obscure any view of the property, set off a round of fanciful speculation. What is the house like? Who lives there? Why are they hidden away from the world’s prying eyes?

The same hint of mystery draws me into a story equally well. While I work hard to write clearly (and my editor works even harder), it’s the still unanswered questions, the wisp of irresistible intrigue, and the limitless possibilities that captures me as a reader.

Do you like a hint of mystery? Or do you prefer to the familiar?

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