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Teaser Tuesday

March 1, 2011 | Teaser Tuesday

The distant future, and the not so distant–is fertile ground for my imagination. An infinite variety of possible worlds and outcomes fill my dreams and consumes a big bunch of my waking hours. No sooner than I’ve created a new futuristic story world than the contrary muse begins to whisper what if?

When I wrote Dalila’s Choice and Joon’s Temptation, changes to the imaginary setting beckoned.

In Camille’s Capture I finally had a chance to play with a few of these what-ifs in a new version of the distant future.

For now I’m living in Camille’s story as I wait anxiously for March eighth and her release. :heart:


I doubt very much this is the last time I’ll visit this same time period with yet a different slant on what happens with the sentient beings that populate the expanding universe. In fact, the immediate post apocalypse period appeals to Swampy (the contrary muse) who’s excessively fond of disaster scenarios.

If you could travel in time would your future trip or slip into the pages of history?

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