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WIP Wednesday

March 9, 2011 | WIP Wednesday

Meanwhile back at the keyboard, the frazzled author (moi) is trying to keep way too many changes smoothly interwoven into the second Treeland Pack Tale. Two heroes sounded like such a delicious plan. Who knew they were going to be so difficult (times two)? Not me or I would have written one of them out of the story. Right. As if I get to be charge of anything except clicking keys. :ninja:

What happened to my nice reasonable heroine? She was scared? Ah that’s a relief, at least one of them is still sensible. “She did what? OMG, no she can’t possibly–it’s much too late in the story for that kind of….”

“Yes, Sirs. I do remember my job. Butt in chair, fingers on keyboard.” Muttering rebelliously under her breath, as soon as this story is done I’m going to hang out with some new, nice, mostly human, characters. :lol:

How’s your job going?

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