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WIP Wednesday

March 16, 2011 | WIP Wednesday

Around here writing goes in energetic bursts that alternate with dead slow bits. Once in awhile I hit a patch where the story flows several days in a row. I grow giddy and work long hours into the night. Even one good day of where the story pours out of my fingers in a steady stream reminds me how much I love this job.

Surprisingly the parts that feel effortless are the ones I’m still happy with even months later.

When the voices in my head grow silent or, as happens too often, shift to different time and place or worse yet, become an entirely new cast of characters, it is a battle to hang on to the present story. If a day of notes on whatever story is running fails to revive the current cast, then I step away from the computer and refuse to play.

Too harsh? Maybe but I’ve learned the hard way if I bend to the muse’s every whim I’ll never finish a single tale. One of us has to be practical and tough. I”m just hoping it’s me. :ninja:

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