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Fan girl Friday

April 15, 2011 | Fan Girl Friday

Along with my conversion to digital ink, came sampling. Rarely do I click the buy button without reading some of the story first. Impulsive clicking is even rarer with a new-to-me author. First I mouse over and click the send sample button. Amazon sends the first chapter–sometimes more–through the ether to my reader. I love instant gratification. :lol:

If the sample intrigue me, then I buy. This innovation has greatly improved my satisfaction with titles purchased. Prior to the Kindle, twenty percent of the books I bought fell into the dreaded DNF (did not finish) class. Only one title purchased after sampling has been deleted without reading all the was to the end. The Kindle has already paid for itself. :heart:

Do you sample e-books before buying? Or am I the only cautious reader? :unsure:

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