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Six-pack Saturday

April 9, 2011 | Uncategorized

Life is full of paradoxes here are six that drive me crazy–

1) I don’t know what I don’t know. Even when I realize I’m missing parts of the puzzle–it’s still impossible to figure out what they are. This particular conundrum applies to everything. At the moment, it’s a replace or repair decision on the fence.

2) People are both unique and similar. Their outsides are real different. Yet, I know their insides are all much the same. And their insides are what count. As a writer, I need a firm grip on this subject–what a shame it’s so slippery.

3) The more I study anything, the more complex the subject becomes. This translates to one of life’s basic frustrations–the more I learn the less I know. People fascinate me and baffle me. Real life people are inconsistent. Whereas, fictional people need strong motivation to behave out of character. Fiction needs to make more sense than real life to be believable.

4) Writing for publication has lots of levels to it. I don’t know everything about this business (see number one above). But, I have learned a few things. Success has many factors but there are baseline requirements. Clean manuscripts, correctly spelled, punctuated, and formatted are job one. By the time a writer gets to the level where professional editors are cheerfully catching her mundane errors, she won’t need them nearly as much.

5) To break out of the mass of titles issued each month, requires great writing, fresh ideas, and a whole lot of luck. Where is the clueless writer supposed to find luck?

6) Time and money are trade off commodities. Money isn’t easy to make, but time can’t be made at all. Everyone gets the same twenty-four hours each day.

Feel free to share your own frustrations. :lol:

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