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Six-pack Saturday

April 16, 2011 | Uncategorized

A while back Sheila posted a bog about sex you can check it out here.

As with lots of things Shelia says, I think about them. There’s still things I have to learn. People surprise the hell out of me on regular basis. Sometimes, I need to hear or see something more than once to get it. With all that in mind, here’s six things related to sex that I’ve learned or been reminded about recently.

1) Everyone defines normal to include their preferences and views. This definitely applies to sex.

2) Most people are not entirely comfortable with their sexuality. I keep thinking that we live in the information age and that this is going to improve, but I’m still waiting.

3) Sex is more mental than physical. Really.

4) There are old people, ugly people, and fat people having great sex–like love–sex happens for its own reasons and doesn’t conform to any understandable rules.

5) Sex is better with an emotional connection.

6) Sex starts romantic relationships. Sex includes, but is not limited to) attraction, anticipation, lusting, yearning, and longing.

In case it’s not clear, I’m all for women finding, embracing, and celebrating their sexuality and I’m not picky about how they make that happen. :wub:

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