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WIP Wednesday

April 13, 2011 | WIP Wednesday

After polishing up the manuscript of the second Treeland Pack Tale, tomorrow I’ll dust off the synopsis and revise it to match the actual story.Then create a cover letter addressed to the patient editor.

The synopsis is short and frankly it doesn’t look like all that much, but word for word it is the the most labor intensive writing I do. And the hardest part of the whole thing are the blurbs. Those few sexy (hopefully) sentences that entice an editor to risk eye strain and invest precious hours reading.

By the time it’s ready, I’m rummy and manic. I’ll give the virtual pages a last check and take a deep breath for courage before I push send. Nerves will flutter and dance in my stomach for at least a half hour after submitting a manuscript. :unsure:

How’s your day going?

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