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Teaser Tuesday

May 3, 2011 | Teaser Tuesday

Here’s the long blurb (unedited) for Slave Market, coming soon from New Concepts Publishing:

Rescued from sexual slavery by a dragon king, Cassandra owes the royal a debt she can never repay. Her dormant dragon gifts earn her a place of trust as companion to a teenage princess, when she loses her headstrong charge, she faces disgrace and death.

Handpicked to recapture the princess, Xyn and Belz are ordered to work with Cassandra. But the males bluntly tell her that she can’t come with them unless she handles all of their sexual needs. Desperate to atone for losing the princess, and innately trusting the males, Cassandra agrees to serve as their sex slave.

The dominant dragons are hard males to satisfy. Cassandra exhausts herself bringing them pleasure. More troubling than her fatigue from so many orgasms is that their erotic demands prove addictive, binding her to the dangerous males more surely than any slave collar.

What the blurb doesn’t mention is that Xyn and Belz were imprisoned by the very dragon king who needs their skills to rescue his only daughter. Understandably, they have mixed feelings about including one of the king’s lackey’s on their mission….

I do like to torture my characters. :ninja:

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