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Fan Girl Friday

June 24, 2011 | Fan Girl Friday

Long before I began writing erotic romance, I read. I still read many more titles than I write. :wub:

My personal book rating system follows:

Author–an autobuy for future releases and backlist–worth rereading; a keeper

More–likely buy of future releases and backlist–engaging but not a keeper

A–well written and enjoyable–worth considering future releases and backlist

B–well written, but not engaging my interest fully enough to seek out other titles by the author

C–poorly written or edited, but compelling enough for me to keep turning pages

DNF–failed to engage me enough to finish the story

A quick review of this years reading proved that I’m reading less than usual (two titles a week). Real life has been busy.

Two titles were discarded without finishing and four were decently written, rating a B, but failed to connect enough for me to recommend them. One new-to-me author scored a more rating and none a C.

The biggest single rating category was author. Around here spring has been cold and wet, necessitating lots of comfort rereading from the virtual keeper shelf.

KevaD is an autobuy for me. If you’re looking for a provocative read check out his latest release: A Demon Affair.

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2 Responses to “Fan Girl Friday”

  1. KevaD Says:

    Thank you, Eavanne! Thank you very much.

  2. Evanne Says:

    I’m watching for A Demon Affair on the other sites….:heart:

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