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Real life

June 9, 2011 | Uncategorized

A shocker for me has been the lack of relationship between the titles the reviewers rave about the most and those that sell best. I expected a strong relationship between a high quality book and impressive sales volume.

I think this is a forest/tree problem, because when I consider for a few moments, it’s perfectly understandable. The movies, television shows, and books that are critically acclaimed are seldom the same ones the public embraces.

This is certainly true for me, my favorites have never been the kind of cutting edge masterpieces that win prestigious awards. Sadly, my pets don’t usually find glittering commercial success either. I have a real weakness for the scrappy underdogs of the entertainment world.

Still wouldn’t it be lovely to be both brilliant and popular? I may have found a new fantasy….

Do your favorites make the top of lists?

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