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Six Sentence Saturday

June 4, 2011 | Six sentence Saturday

Six sentence Saturday is an experiment. Are six sentences enough to give you a taste of story,voice, and pique interest? Let me know what you think. :unsure:

Theses six sentences are from the next Enyo installment ….

Then the seventh breeder snapped to life on the viewing dais. He noted her name, Calyxia d’ Provence, possibly a descendent from ancient France’s aristocracy, a part Earth’s history he particularly relished.

She was different, not more beautiful, not stronger, but her small form held some supernatural charm. At first sight of her naked form, his erection sprang to attention beneath his robes. A dangerous woman. As quickly as the thought formed, he dismissed it, too enchanted by her lush curves and proud bearing to consider anything beyond how soon he could possess her.

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  1. evannelorraine.com » Six Sentence Saturday Says:

    […] to decided which story to write next and posted for six sentences from Enyo Chronicles III. Here’s the link. Six sentences from the third Demons and Dragons book […]

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