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WIP Wednesday

June 22, 2011 | WIP Wednesday

The work in process I’m thinking about is this blog. Five years ago today, I started posting.

When I began blogging, I’d submitted a couple of manuscripts, dreamed of being published, and decided to share my writing journey via via a web log.

As time passed lots changed, I contracted a novel and then another, and another….

I soon learned the writing adventure doesn’t end with that first contract. The more I absorbed about writing craft the more I understood how much I didn’t know. The blog changed too. After the first two years I began experimenting. Sunday Funnies became the first weekly feature. Along with more weekly features came daily blogging.

Just wanted to take a moment to celebrate five years of blogging and to say thank you for visiting. Without readers there wouldn’t be a dangerously sexy blog or any dangerously sexy stories :heart:

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