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Fan Girl Friday

July 29, 2011 | Fan Girl Friday

Between finishing the holiday story and beginning the new project, I sampled a whole bunch of books and actually read a few. Most of this reading was more about market research and less about reading for pleasure. Still there’s no rules that says I can’t enjoy deductible expenses. This is why I buy purple pens, but I digress…

Out of the half-dozen futuristic erotic romances I sampled and/or purchased, none had non-human aliens. Even the mechanically enhanced characters looked, acted, and talked exactly like current day citizens. This was true even though they were not from Earth or even this galaxy. This strains my credibility. :blink:

Shouldn’t at least some of the aliens be, well, alien?

Since readers have proved themselves open minded enough to embrace vampires and shifters and fae why not something a little less vanilla in the humanoid category?

If you were designing an alien hero, what would he look like?

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