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Six Sentence Saturday

July 16, 2011 | Six sentence Saturday

From Slave Market: Demons and Dragons Book Two….

Cassandra forced her eyes away from those dangerously compelling males and the wild yearning to erase the damage that kept her inner dragon permanently latent–for things that could never be. From under her lashes she sought another peek at the gorgeous pair, but they were being dragged away by a squad of humanoid guards, wearing silver body armor with an air- dragon’s royal crest.

If dragon males were held captive, then she truly had no hope. She tried to find comfort that they weren’t being auctioned off, but the strange feeling she’d failed the magnificent males persisted.

With no distraction from her failure to save the males or anyway to escape her miserable slavery, her arm throbbed and although her skin burned with fever, she shivered.

Cassandra focused on her bare feet until her containment field moved, jerking her to the front of the platform where a fast scan of the bidders tightened her belly.

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