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Six sentence Saturday

July 23, 2011 | Six sentence Saturday

From A Scarlet Past

Vivian kept the grin teasing her lips to herself while she admired the rear view of the gorgeous Alpha’s backside. There was no law against staring or against enjoying the fleeting contact with his healing tongue. The male’s touch had been nothing more than an ordinary kindness one wolf would offer another, but his caresses heated needy portions of her that had nothing to do with kindness. Even now the memory rippled through her, spreading sensual pleasure sort of like a good belly scratching, but much more intimate.

When he shifted to human form, she stared, swallowing drool like a hungry pup waiting for a turn at a succulent roast. Thankfully, like most males, he lacked any modesty and turned to face her as he shrugged into his trench coat.

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