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WIP Wednesday

August 17, 2011 | WIP Wednesday

In a perfect world, I would work on one story until the first draft was complete. Since I’m completely linear and need to move from point a to point b, which  is actually the only way I write.

But even in the fast moving e-publishing business there are several months between completed story and published story. Sitting around waiting to hear about a submission isn’t any fun and it’s not practical. The minute one story is winging its way to the tasteful editor’s inbox, I begin pre-writing on the next adventure.

The drawback to the above mentioned practice is the hat switching required between multiple projects. Book number one, can be in edits, while book number two is in revision, and book three a quarter through the critical first draft.

Writing a better first draft, that doesn’t require revision would be a move in the right direction… :ninja:

How’s your job going?

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