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Real life

September 29, 2011 | Uncategorized

See the long haired German Shepherd puppy? Absolutely adorable, huh? Smart too. He enjoys soccer, fetch, bones, running, jumping, and hose water. ‘Cause I’m a total softie for dogs, I puppy sat all summer. The lawn is missing from the shade garden. There are new scratches on several doors and the shiny hardwood floor. Traces of that fluffy coat continues to cling to furniture, rugs, and drapes. :cwy:

I love everything clean and orderly and even pretty. This is a very difficult state of affairs to maintain even without a large dog lounging about the house. Add a huge pup to the resident senior dog and just decently clean becomes challenging.

A visceral inner conflict is entertaining in fiction. In real life…not so much. :lol:

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