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Real Life

September 15, 2011 | Uncategorized

Took the day off totally yesterday, ran errands, saw friends, went to a movie, and picked up dinner on my way home. When I pulled into the driveway the neighbor on the west side and his oldest boy (maybe eight or nine) were pacing anxiously outside the northwest gate. Their chihuahua had slipped through a gap in the fence into my garden.

I asked, “Is Katie making friends with Fluffy?”

Father and son both shrugged. Dad said, “We don’t know.”

I promised to check, gathered my packages, and went inside. Katie, the diva Rottie greeted me at the front door, panting hard. She gulped a drink and I set down dinner and purse, and scooted out the backdoor.

Katie thundered after me. Pausing only for another cool drink, she moved to take point and led me to section of the west border where I patched the fence last year. The garden was quieter than usual, no songbirds, and definitely no yapping.

“Here. Fluffy,” I called optimistically.

After several repeats, the next door Dad called back.”He made it back through the fence.”

I’m staying home today.

Katie was thoroughly traumatized.

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