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Real life

September 8, 2011 | Uncategorized

On Thursdays I pretend I’m an extrovert and leave the writer’s cave and the secret garden behind, venturing out into the real world. I do this on other days too, but Thursdays are a scheduled departure from the obsessive writer’s routine.

I live on the edge of good sized city, and yet there’s a small town feel to the area. I run into people I know at most of my stops, exchanging friendly words and sometimes hugs. I flirt with men, chat with women, and generally have a great time.

There are group meetings I attend–including a readers circle, grocery shopping, and errands all bundled into Thursday. I seldom get a lot of words written on those days.

I’m amazed at how easily and pleasantly hours pass without a trace of work. But part of the brain continues to toil away while I’m out and about, because, it’s after a day away from the computer that new ideas bubble to the surface.

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