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Six Sentence Saturday

September 3, 2011 | Six sentence Saturday

Today’s six sentences are from Fergus, the hero of A Scarlet Past the prequel to the Treeland Pack Tales, only 99 cents and still available for your Kindle or Nook .

His heart stuttered with fear for her. The brave little female was way too delicate for this kind of fight. While he watched, she wielded a silver blade with graceful expertise, her movements quick flashes, but always in control. She danced, nicking the enemy, and staying just out of the slower male’s reach, patiently waiting for the horny rogue to make a fatal mistake.

Even in human form, the Alpha bitch looked as good as she smelled. Generous breasts balanced a full bottom, in between the lush curves, a slender, supple waist twisted as she parried with the rogues. Her hair glinted a deep red, ivory skin shimmered in the moonlight, and plump lips parted, baring pearly teeth at the foaming–mouthed male.

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