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Six Sentence Saturday

September 17, 2011 | Six sentence Saturday

From A Promise of Amber, the second Treeland Pack Tale (coming October 18th) a peek at the first six sentences:

“Oh no you don’t, sir.” Amber darted in and scooped up the fluffy gray Alpha pup half a second before his sharp teeth latched on to the worn bunny foot that dangled temptingly through the crib’s slats. Maddy’s favorite stuffed animal was much too threadbare to survive an attack.

Lex, a very definite sir, squirmed and tried to bite her arm. Laughing, she distracted him with a teething bone and set him near where the young Gamma male carefully placed another bright blue block on his multicolored construction project. With a little luck Lex would be intrigued enough by Jay’s building to shift to human form — making him much more manageable.

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