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WIP Wednesday

September 28, 2011 | WIP Wednesday

I’ve heard of writers who sit down and create finished copy. Not me. :cwy:

My first drafts tend to be breathless prose, omitting many crucial story bits and littered with he said, she said, and then, but… The over all effect of like listening to a six year-old describe their day. :lol:

The first pass is just the beginning. The third draft is my usual submission, and that ‘final’ version undergoes further revisions, edits, line edits, and proofing before any one other than my critique bud and the patient editors read a word of the adventure.

Last month my first reader was unavailable for a few days, I decided to read aloud to give the partial its final polish. A humbling experience and a good reminder that I need to slow down to make my prose as clean as possible before it leaves my hands.

Keep your fingers crossed doe me that the gracious editor enjoys the story. :wub:

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