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Teaser Tuesday

October 4, 2011 | Teaser Tuesday

The blurb for A Promise of Amber; Treeland Pack Tales II:

Half-fae, half-psi werewolf, Amber is always in trouble. No matter how hard she tries to do the right thing and fit in with the pack she never succeeds. She passes as a Psi werewolf bitch. She has a natural submissive’s desire to be claimed along with dangerous powers she barely understands and struggled to control. On the brink of the sexual maturity her first heat will bring, she hopes for better control of her fae magic and dreams of her promised mate.

Isolated during a Goblin attack with the strong, brave, and wonderful Tru, Amber welcomes his comfort. Simple kindness blazes into desire. She wishes he was her pledged mate, because he’s already captured her heart. Desire and opportunity provide an irresistible temptation and they make love.

She never realized how much an Alpha mate would scare her. Hunter is very dominant and he terrifies her. Worse he’s so protective of her that he can’t bear to force her obedience. Already in love with Amber himself, Tru shares the gift of her trust with his Alpha.

When heat happens, their fragile tri-mating puts them under heavy-duty pressure and Amber’s enemies are only waiting for the right time to attack.

A Promise of Amber is scheduled for release October 18th, 2011 :heart:

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